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September, 28 — welcome to new our site The Live Classics Literary Agency.


August, 18 21 the project “Russian books” was performed at the VI Kiev Book Fair.


July, 1 the literary contest “N.V.Gogol’s Award” was launced.


July, 15 the Association “Live classics” signed an agent agreement with a famous writer and playwright Angel Wagenstein (born in 1922).


June 2010 the Association “Live classics” participated in workshops and seminars in the framework of “The Program for skill-upgrading for experts of publishing business” in Kiev (Ukraine) and Tbilisi (Georgia) organized by Goethe Institute.


April, 22 the First International Writers Forum was held.


March, 29 the Television bridge “The image of a Russian in the French literature and the image of a Frenchman in the Russian literature” was conducted.





The International Association “Live Classics” was created in September 2007 on the basis of Russian Literature Institute (Pushkin’s House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


The Association is designed for development and implementation of innovation projects aimed at increasing popularity of Russian and foreign modern classics throughout the world.




Our projects



N.V. Gogol's Award

(St. Petersburg, October, 29, 2010)


The Festival “St. Petersburg text: St. Petersburg memoirs”

(St. Petersburg, October, 2129, 2010 )


The Conference “Metaphysics of romantic love” (devoted to 130th anniversary of the poet A.Blok)

(St. Peterburg, November 2010)

Full list of our projects.



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